氮分子激光器的应用-气相单颗粒飞行时间质谱仪 ·

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氮分子激光器的应用 — 气相单颗粒飞行时间质谱仪


particle detection and sizing based on light refection (dae > 0,2 µm)

particle ionization with UV laser

2 reflector-TOF analyzer for simultanous postive and negative ion detection

mass resolution: 400 @ m/z=100

Determination of chemical particle classes based on fuzzy clustering classification algorithm

Determination of class specific particle abudances

time-resolved analysis of particle classes and particle components

Optimized instrumental setup: 0.55m³ (19“ rack, height: 1,50 m)

small mobile mass spectometer

fast and sensitive online particle detection

Laboratory and field application


            MNL103HP-LD 氮分子激光器

MNL103HP LD 氮分子激光器