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On July 6, 2017, LTB Lasertechnik Berlin has been awarded the prize for “most family-friendly company 2017” of Treptow-Köpenick, by mayor Oliver Igel. The award ceremony took place during the business cards meeting of the Economic Development Treptow-Köpenick in the “Späth´schen tree nurseries”. The competition has been held annually since 2005 and is announced by the District Office. Lasertechnik Berlin has been applied this year for the first time. Further information use the following link (german language): http://www.adlershof.de/news/adlershofer-als-familienfreundliche-unternehmen-ausgezeichnet/

In February 2017, LTB Holding GmbH started an extension to its production and administration building, which was completed in 2013. The need for capacity expansion arose from the positive development of the two subsidiaries LTB Lasertechnik Berlin GmbH and Lufttechnik Schmeißer GmbH. The completion of the new building with a floor space of approx. 1,500 sqm is planned for November 2017.

201525th anniversary of LTB Lasertechnik Berlin GmbH
2013Move into the new company building at the WISTA science and technology park in Berlin-Adlershof (WISTA)

Formation of the medical technology department, start of the phase to implement a quality management system for the design and manufacture of medical devices and to achieve medical device certification for the LIMES 16‑P

Commencement of the construction of its own company building at the WISTA science and technology park in Berlin-Adlershof (WISTA)

2011Prototype of a device for the early diagnosis of malignant melanoma directly at the patient – LIMES 16‑P
201020th anniversary of LTB Lasertechnik Berlin GmbH
2009Establishment of a joint application lab with the Federal Institute for Materials Research and Testing (BAM)

LTB gets ISO 9001:2000 certification

Transformation of LTB into a family business

Qualification of the solid-state switch developed further for Excimer and CO2 lasers

Delivery of the 1000th MNL 100 laser


Conduction of clinical tests for the ex-vivo detection of melanin in human skin

Development of the LIBS spectrometer ARYELLE 200 for industrial application


Development of a method for the detection of melanin in human skin

Use of an MNL 100 in the Antarctic more than 1,800 m below the surface of the ice for calibrating the IceCube neutrino detector array, in collaboration with the Berkeley University, USA

Market introduction of the newly developed and patented nitrogen laser MNL 100 with a sealed gas cartridge, particularly suitable for industrial detection methods like LIF and MALDI‑TOF mass spectroscopy

Development of a solid-state power switch for nitrogen lasers


Buy-out of the manufacturing site for laser cartridges from AREVA Vakuumschalttechnik GmbH in Ulm

Supply of a LIBS measuring system to the German Aerospace Center (DLR) for simulating the next mars mission


Cooperation agreement with the Federal Institute for Materials Research and Testing (BAM)

Entry into the LIBS method, development of the spectrometers ARYELLE and ARYELLE Butterfly and of complete LIBS measuring systems

Development of the 3rd-generation ELIAS spectrometers – ELIAS III

2003Development of the high-resolution spectrometer DEMON for the plasma and emission spectroscopy
2002Conclusion of an agreement on the development of a next-generation DUV spectrometer – ELIAS II – between LTB and Cymer Inc., USA
2001Development of the laser-based analysing system LIMES for the laser-induced fluorescence spectroscopy
2000Global market entrance with the Echelle Spectrometer ELIAS for the laser lithography, Conclusion of a sales contract with Cymer Inc., USA

Start of a fruitful collaboration with the Institute for Spectrochemistry and Applied Spectroscopy Berlin (ISAS) in the field of high-resolution echelle spectrometers, which LTB engineered for commercial use. World-wide marketing secured by exclusive licensing rights

First industrial applications of the MNL 200, mainly in MALDI-TOF

1998Market introduction of the nitrogen lasers of the MNL 200 series
1998Conclusion of an agreement on the further development of the excimer laser MINex to the Excimerlaser OPTex certified for medical application, LTB manufactures the control and supply units for it, more than 700 units up to now
1996Development of the automated tunable dye laser module ATM
1994Start of the collaboration with Lambda Physik GmbH for the development of a compact miniaturised excimer laser MINex mainly used in refractive surgery

Development of the compact UDL dye laser and SHG modules serie

Conclusion of a distribution agreement with Marubun Corp. for the sales of our products in Japan


Takeover of sales agency for Lambda Physik GmbH Göttingen (today Coherent Inc.) in the New Laender and Berlin (until 1994)

Introduction of a prototype of the world-wide smallest accumulator-operated UV laser for field application

1990Founding of the company as a spin-off of the former Academy of Sciences of the GDR. The founders had already gained more than 10 years of experience in the development and manufacturing of UV short-pulse lasers and dye lasers. Buyback of patents, technical and scientific revision of the product range, sales of the products mainly to universities and scientific institutions, R&D and product innovation are an inherent part of the business activity of LTB.